THE GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS – A HISTORIC Journey With SAI PRASAD NRITYASANSKARR – The story behind the Success of an “Idea to Innovation” and a dream turning into a Reality. 29 th August 2013, I get a call from Tapasya-siddhi Kala Academy, Kolhapur enquiring about an event, A healthy conversation with the client discussing about an idea they had which was to be executed. Miss. Sanyogeeta Patil a BHARATNATYAM exponent who was working in the field of Culture & Art since last 15 years wished BHARATNATYAM to get a Global Exposure & also wished to reach up-to the biggest achievement recognised by the World. The thought itself was challenging gave a spark to my instinct. Without wasting any further time I with my team spontaneously reacted upon the enquiry. I knew It was the time to make something Big. THE IDEA WAS TO DO A MASS PERFORMANCE of BHARATNATYAM, WHERE A LARGE NUMBER OF INDIVIDUALS PERFORM BHARATNATYAM AT ONE SINGLE TIME AT ONE SINGLE VENUE. Aspirations were high, Confidence was at its peak, minds were entirely focused and the Journey began to one of the most Gigantic event we ever fantasised. After some through research & home-work on this particular topic we represented ourselves to be one of the capable Event Managers to take up this project. We were equipped with Ideas & 3D presentations to give a visualisation of this dream event as we believed “there is only One Chance to make your First Impression & there could not be second chance to make your First Impression” we blew away the client in the first go with our presentations & safely secured a chance to be on board for this magnificent event, which was eventually like a Dream come True. Preparations began, the idea was to get maximum number of participation to participate for this event. Each and every individual having some interest in the field of BHARATNATYAM and whoever wished to get their name itched with this mesmerising event were welcomed. The target was to get 2000 participant across the Nation or Globe. Miss. Sanyogeeta Patil with help of her Guru choreographed a 10 minutes stunning BHARATNATYAM performance that was to be performed on the day of the event. A relevant track was recorded and the Mission started. Meanwhile, all this was for a purpose to make an Official Attempt for Guinness World Record Title, the performance Videos and other collaterals were sent to GWR Office for approvals and an Adjudicator was duly appointed for this event. An introduction to BHARATNATYAM video was made in which each and every detailing of this Vedic dance form of BHARATNATYAM was thoroughly mentioned. From Make-up to dressing attire, from Mudras to Exercises everything was finely recorded. A three day training pattern was set for the 10 min choreographed dance performance, in which every participant participating in this had to undergo this training session. As the promotion started we were amazed by the huge number of participation from various parts of the country. A large number of participation was majorly from the home city “Kolhapur” and rest were from Pune, Mumbai, Goa, Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Northern & Southern part of the Country. Also few orphan age homes were contacted and students from those were given opportunities to live up-to their dreams. To add feather in the cap 2 Applications were received from foreign countries of Poland & Dubai. In the batches of 50 each, training camps were set up in each city, Three day training was conducted for each batch and self-preparatory concepts were provided. THE MAIN EVENT, As the budget of the event was very huge a sponsorship team was appointed to get subscriptions, ROTARY International were the Title Sponsors with many other sponsors that came on board eventually. PRE EVENT PLANNING As the days neared Communication with Officials of Guinness world record increased, I remember there was an exchange of almost 200 Email communications answering their concerns for minute things. As I was dedicated enough to take up this work all their concerns were responded efficiently and mainly spontaneously. Date of the Event was finally marked in the calendar (10 th January 2015) Shahu Maharaj Stadium, Kolhapur – the Venue was decided to host this mega event, Vendors were appointed for various production essential, an improvised team of 200 volunteers was assigned to manage / execute this historic event. Final figure of 2100 Participants were registered, As per GWR in any mass performance there should be a cluster of 50 participants per group for efficient monitoring. With the help of Local Architects the performance area was chalked accordingly in group of 50. Forty Two (42) Groups were created, Groups names were set and were thus allocated to the participants. The course of the event was designed as 2 days of rehearsals & Main event on the 3 rd day. Outstation Participants were asked to report 3 days prior to the event. It was certainly a major task to manage their Local travel, Accommodations & Food for almost 1200 + Outstation participants. THE EVENT DAY – HISTORIC MOMENT – 10 TH JANUARY 2015 A crowd of 10000 + attendees had come to witness this Grand Event, Stands were jam packed and everyone’s enthusiasm was at its peak. Guinness World Record official Ms. Fortuna Broke was appointed as Adjudicator for the event. Audio Visual & Camera placements were done as per GWR norms. All participants were beautifully groomed & dressed in their traditional BHARATNATYAM attire. Allocated positions were taken by the participants and the final announcements were made. With a reverse count of 10 , 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 The Remarkable Performance started, With Miss. Sanyogeeta on the Centre Stage and other participants Surrounding her in the group of 50 each performed one of the best performances of their life’s. It was a wonderful sight to witness. Each one of them dressed in the perfect attire, so scenic & Colourful looked similarly like the Angels of Heaven Dancing on Earth. All their moments & steps was so well in co-ordination as if all are trained BHARATNATYAM dancers. As the 10 minutes performance was coming to its end Smiles flourished and tears of glory rolled out from eyes of each and every person including the GWR Adjudicator witnessing this event Live. Cheers of happiness knew no bond, as this Official Attempt of GUINNESS WORD RECORD was finally achieved. The Certificate of honour saying “The Largest Bharatha Natyam dance involved 2100 participants was Achieved by Tapasyasiddhi Kala Academy (INDIA) at Shahu Stadium, Kolhapur on 10 th January 2015” was proudly presented. When the official adjudicator Ms. Fortuna was asked about the event experience, “She said she had been adjudicating events from last 7 years and almost more than 240 events she has witnessed live, but this was one of its kind event which made her eyes wet. Amongst all her experiences she also quoted that this event is one of the Best event she has ever adjudicated so Far”. As those words itself means a lot for us the immense satisfaction & pleasure we got from this event is Certainly a One in a Life time Opportunity for many of us. POST EVENT CONCLUSIONS This event was covered / broadcasted in many Local & National news channels LIVE. Almost all the Leading New-Papers covered the News of this Historic Event. And as Rotary Club was the Title sponsors, they Covered this event is around 200 + Cities National & International through their Monthly Subscription Magazines & News Letters. The Versatile & Cultural City of Kolhapur was itched in the GWR Record book of 2015. Finally to say “Yes, we Did it”

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