5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Event Planner

There are many benefits if you hire an event management company to manage your event – stress reduction being just one of them.  Running an event is a complex and costly exercise.

A Person may question why there’s a need to hire an event planner when it’s ‘easy enough’ to plan an event themselves or have their supporter and Family members plan it. Now, I agree that for something like a small family party it’s usually easy enough to plan a event, as long as the invite list is limited. For events on a larger scale though, there are so many things to think about that a planner might end up missing one of the essential elements.

We all know how much work and effort goes into organizing a wonderful event, and here are the main benefits of using a professional event planner


Here are top 6 key reasons to use a professional event management company:

  • Saves you time and wealth

By outsourcing your event management to a company that runs events day in day out, you will save time and money.  An event management company has established relationships with hotels, venues and suppliers and can negotiate excellent rates on your behalf. They also know all the added value you can get. Insider relationships and tips mean you save money on everything you need.An event management partner saves you time because all you have to do is agree the date and location with the event company and the rest will be taken care of.An event management company will save you and your team late nights, headaches and the hassles of organising the event yourself.

  • Gives you creative ideas

Event organisers will give you new and exciting ideas for your. Depending on your requirements, they will recommend an event format to suit you, your audience and your budget. Wow factor doesn’t have to break the budget!

  • Expert planning and budget management

The initial brief and planning is important to a perfectly executed event.  A successful event requires a detailed master plan and a timeline and budget that are adhered to. An event management company will create these for you and agree from the outset the key objectives, responsibilities and targets The budget will be created by an experienced event planner who understands ALL the costs involved and the variances that can occur.

  • Technology that gives your attendees a professional and smooth journey

Event management companies use an array of tools and software that allows them to communicate with attendees easily and professionally. This can be anything from creating an event specific website that showcases all your event details such as the conference programme, map, attendee list, the exhibitor list, speaker photos and biographies – to online registration.  The tools will take the attendee right through to the delivery of joining instructions and finally a text message reminder of the venue postcode the day before.

  • Professional delivery on the day

The two most vital ingredients to a professional event delivery onsite is firstly preparing a detailed event plan for all to use. This would list day by day, hour by hour what rooms would be used, how they should be set, what deliveries are expected, what time refreshment, lunch and dinners should be ready, which staff are responsible for what and so on.  And secondly having a well briefed and skilled team managed by an event director with responsibility for the overall event. An event management company would ensure both of these allowing you to network and focus on enjoying the event with your guests.

  • Managing your risk and keeping you and your Guests safe

An event is full of uncertainties that might be encountered like power failure, a medical emergency or even a fire. This is where using an event management company pays dividends as you’ll have experienced staff onsite that would know what to do should an incident arise. Prior to the event a good health & safety management plan would have been devised and submitted to the venue. This would determine all the risks and implementation of the strategies to help remove the risk.

Choosing to hire an event management company just makes good sense if you want to have a winning event that you and your visitors can enjoy. All the setting up and management of your event will be so much simpler when handled by an event management company!


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